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Introducing Elite Soccer:
The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans

5 complete plans to keep your players in shape
over the summer break

For the first time ever, Elite Soccer has brought together plans from five professional fitness coaches to show you how to keep your players in peak physical condition this summer.

Give the plans in Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans to your players and:

  • Make sure they have a structured approach to keeping fit over summer – they can't be expected to know what is best for their bodies – it is your job to tell them!
  • Avoid wasting important time in pre-season improving your players' base fitness
  • Make sure your players are mentally prepared to hit the ground running next season – pre-season will hold no fears for them
  • Reduce the risk of injury when players are back in training – you're providing a platform to increase players' conditioning levels
  • Learn from the best – these plans are being used by players at Manchester United and Liverpool – get your players as fit as the professionals

Who are these professional coaches?

The five professional coaches who have provided their fitness plans for Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans are:

  • Gary Walker – Head of Strength & Conditioning, Manchester United
  • Ryland Morgans – Head of Fitness and Science, Liverpool
  • Scott Miller - First Team Fitness Coach, Fulham
  • James Russell – Head of Sports Science, Gillingham
  • Antonio Gomez – Fitness Coach, Barcelona B

So, to get your players working on their fitness over the summer using the same plans as Van Persie, Gerrard and Ruiz, you need Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans. As soon as your order is placed, we'll fire off the 5 training plans immediately.

Imagine coming back to pre-season with a group of players fitter, faster and more ready to train than the other squads in your league.

About Elite Soccer

Elite Soccer is published in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA), the body representing all professional soccer coaches who have worked in the English leagues. You cannot get plans from the best fitness coaches anywhere else.

Elite Soccer helps thousands of ambitious coaches across the globe improve their performance and now you can achieve new levels of fitness with your team using Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans.

What do I get?

  • Five complete summer fitness schedules – these are not one-off sessions. They are complete plans that will develop your player's fitness throughout the summer
  • Exercises to improve core strength, bodyweight strength, hamstring strength, groin strength and endurance
  • Programmes to improve aerobic conditioning and strength maintenance and adaptable programmes for senior and youth teams
  • Simple and clearly illustrated plans that you can give to your players and know they will understand – and that will improve their fitness
  • A great variety of ideas that will prevent boredom in your players. Keeping them engaged with different activities, will mean they get the most out of their off-season
  • Written explanations from the coaches to tell you what to get your players to do, when they should do it and what they are achieving

Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans – contents

The five plans that you will receive when you purchase Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans are:

Gary Walker Manchester United

“The goal with my off-season programme is to provide the time needed to both mentally and physically recover following a demanding season, while aiming to ensure that the player returns to pre-season training having conducted conditioning work. This reduces the risk of injury when pre-season begins, providing a platform to increase a player’s conditioning level.”

Scott Miller Fulham

“Once the season finishes it’s important for players to relax, and to have a period of time in which they can recover. It’s vital that an off-season fitness plan offers time away from the normal routine. This plan recognises that off-season recovery and regeneration are vital to how successful your pre-season will be.”

Ryland Morgans Liverpool

“This session features aerobic and strength maintenance, and is designed to be run in the six weeks leading up to the start of the season. Concentrating on these elements, which increase in intensity as pre-season develops, means players can start the season physically sharp and mentally focused.”

James Russell Gillingham

“During the off-season, the club’s fitness staff are given the opportunity to look at the next generation of players – namely the development squad and youth team. We therefore devise a nine session programme that is designed to test our young players mentally, as well as building strength and stamina.”

Antonio Gomez FC Barcelona

“This is a complete fitness plan that combines running, core strength, gym activities and rest – a schedule that a player can work to when he is away from the club and before he returns for pre-season. There is focus on running because it offers players the ability to maintain and rebuild fitness levels. And because running is a non-contact activity, it means we can return players to a high level of endurance whilst minimising the risk of injury.”

Give your players these plans – and enjoy your break!

For many coaches, the first day of pre-season can cause huge frustration. Players return overweight and out of condition. Pre-season, which should be an exciting time, then becomes all about restoring base fitness in your players. And then you get the injuries, injuries that could have been prevented with a sensible approach to the off-season.

Knowing what plans to give your players over the break, which are simple and clear enough for them to follow has never been so easy for coaches – most of who are not fitness experts themselves. Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans does all the hard work for you. Simply give these plans to your players and start looking forward to that first day back in July when you can hit the ground running in pre-season.

Get off to a winning start in 2013-14

If you tell your players they are doing the same summer training programmes as Philippe Coutinho and Danny Welbeck it will motivate and inspire them. Players will be able to follow the plans, understand them and see the results for themselves.

And when they come back to training miles ahead of the other squads in their league, beating all before them in pre-season and starting their league campaign on a real high, you'll be glad you made a small investment in Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans.

It sounds great, but how much?

These fitness plans may be straight from coaches at top professional clubs but thanks to our partnership with the LMA, we are able to offer them to you at a fantastically affordable price.

Starting at just $37, you can buy Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans in PDF format.

For just $43, you can buy a hard copy of Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans.

Or you can get both - PDF and the hard copy - for just $46.


Think about everything else you spend to put your training sessions on. For just $37 you can have a more productive off-season than any other side in your league. Think about how many injuries you could prevent, how much time you could save in pre-season and how many more points you will get – all for just $37!

Money-back guarantee

Your purchase of Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans comes with my ‘no questions asked' money back guarantee, so your order is completely risk-free.

In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans, simply let me know within 30 days and I will give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose when you purchase Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans today.

Order today for the following:

  • Five detailed off-season fitness plans
  • Plans delivered by fitness professionals working at professional clubs
  • Detailed plans that build up your players' fitness during the break between seasons
  • No observed plans or recycled content
  • Crystal clear diagrams, tables and illustrations
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Secure payment by credit card or PayPal

FREE POSTAGE on print copies!

For your convenience you can order Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans in two formats:

A PDF document delivered by email. Save a copy on your computer or tablet and you can take Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans with you wherever you go.

If you're running late for training you can pick an activity or two on your commute home. Don't think you'll make it at all? Simply email the PDF to your assistant or a player's parent and have them take training instead! If you're an iPhone or iPad user you get free access on Apple's Newsstand through the Elite Soccer app. You get access to your activities on Newsstand even if you buy the print copy too!

A user-friendly spiral bound printed manual for your bookshelf or desk . The spiral binding means you can use it without having to hold the page open as with most "normal" books. In addition, Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans has plastic covers on the front and back to protect your copy from the elements.

And best of all, delivery is absolutely free! Alternatively, order both versions for best value. My special offer to get Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans in print and by email is excellent value. You get all the benefits of both versions at a fraction of the cost. Order now to avoid disappointment You won't find Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans in your local bookstore and it can only be ordered from this website. It will be emailed if you order a PDF copy or it will be sent out to you if you order a hard copy.

If you’ve ever wondered what top professional soccer coaches do to get their players in peak physical condition, wonder no longer. Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans gives you everything you need to get them back to pre-season in top shape and raring to go. Order Today!

Yours in soccer,



James Evans
Editor, Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans

P.S. Elite Soccer: The Ultimate Off-Season Fitness Plans is not available anywhere else. Get it to your players today so they can start preparing for the new season already! There is no risk and you get professional fitness advice at the click of a button…

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