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Introducing Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass

Individual technical learning from professional coaches that you can use to improve your players, boost confidence, gain a competitive advantage and win more games

Six complete plans from professional coaches to improve the technique of your players

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Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass is like nothing you've ever seen before. Providing six blueprints from professional coaches, it enables you to focus on individual learning outcomes with your players and then practise them in specially-designed training sessions. Use it to:

  • Improve your players’ technical skill set, from your keeper right through to the strikers
  • Boost confidence on the ball and help your side keep possession better
  • Enable you to coach all your players as individuals and know that you have made them all better players
  • Rid players of lazy technique - don't lose a game because your players have picked up bad habits
  • Give you the edge in tight matches and improve your results

Who are these professional coaches?

The six professional coaches who have provided their time and expertise to help you improve your players technique are:

  • John Achterberg – Goalkeeping Coach, Liverpool
  • Nick Daws – Head of Academy Coaching, QPR
  • Kevin Nicholson – Head of Academy, Cardiff City
  • Stuart Watkiss – Head of Youth, Grimsby Town
  • Craig Brewster – Professional Football Coaches Association Member
  • Michael Jolley – U21s Manager, Burnley

So, if you want to get in to the minutae of achieving technical excellence and give your players using the same technical soccer blueprints as the Liverpool and QPR squads, you need Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass.

About Elite Soccer

Elite Soccer magazine is unique in making coaching sessions from Premier League training grounds available to coaches at all levels of the game. The plans published in Elite Soccer cannot be found anywhere else.

Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass is different as it focuses on individual learning (rather than team learning) with a huge level of technical detail. The manual then provides sessions to test the development of that technique in a team environment.

The professionals who provide the coaching plans that they have worked so hard to develop do so because Elite Soccer is published in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA), the body representing all professional football coaches in the English leagues.

Give your players the best chance they will ever get to improve their technique with help from the best in the business by ordering Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass today.

What do I get?

  • Six complete technical soccer blueprints, with detail, direction and training plans
  • Schedules for improving passing, shooting, heading, dribbling, close control, physical presence, jumping, keeper mechanics and more
  • Detailed diagrams, full training session plans and references to great ‘technical' goals that you can replicate and perfect on the training ground
  • Written explanations from the coaches to tell you what to get your players to do, when they should do it and what you are achieving throughout the course of the plan. They'll also unveil the cardinal sins of technical soccer, revealing for the first time why so many players fail to maximise their potential

The level of detail you will get with Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass is unrivalled. You can use it to put your players under the microscope. That means cutting out errors and laziness, preventing opponents from stealing an advantage. Your side will become more ruthless and efficient all over the pitch - notably in the final third where it really counts.

These are bespoke plans that examine and test the techniques rehearsed, offering a rounded approach to introducing and playing out key technical aims.

If you are a coach committed to own personal development and that of your players, Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass is an essential addition to your coaching toolkit. Order your copy today.

Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass – contents

The six plans that you will receive when you purchase Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass are:

John Achterberg Liverpool - Goalkeeping technique...

“There is so much technical expertise that a top keeper needs to master. Although much of this is learnt over time, there are key elements that can be picked up really quickly, including perfecting the art of the goal kick, diving properly, catching with confidence and effective ball distribution. I also look at the art of penalty saving, revealing how the man between the posts can give himself the best chance of keeping the ball out from 12 yards.”

Nick Daws QPR - Throw-ins...

“Perfecting the art of the throw-in means maximising dead ball situations. Even at the top level we still see teams lose possession from foul throws, and this training session looks at handling, elevation, distance, leverage and trajectory, to ensure that your team can always make the most of throw-ins, both from defensive and attacking perspectives.”

Kevin Nicholson Cardiff City - On the move...

“Slick technical soccer has at its heart receiving and passing with style and confidence, and this session drills down into the heart of why the Spain and Barcelona method of play has courted worldwide acclaim. I look at how players can build the crucial technical skills that everyone who steps onto a soccer pitch wants – receiving ability, control, movement, shielding, letting the ball roll across the body, working on the turn and more.”

Stuart Watkiss Grimsby Town - Defending technique...

“The job of the defender is like no other, given the relationship he needs to have with the keeper behind, and midfielders in front. In this session, I outline the reasons why those at the back need unique technical knowledge when it comes to playing the ball, defending goal, tackling, passing and much more. Coached properly, this blueprint can inspire defenders to play with all the finesse and style you would normally associate with players further up the pitch.”

Craig Brewster Professional Football Coaches Association Member - Heads up...

“Much like tackling, good heading is something that has been in danger of becoming a lost art in recent years, but 20% of goals are still scored with the head, and try telling any defender that heading isn't important! I'm passionate about the mechanics behind heading, from biology of neck movement, use of core strength in elevation and propulsion, the physics of how the ball responds to being headed, plus of course all possible types of headers, from powerful defensive clearances to the most subtle and delicate of flicked efforts by attackers in front of goal.”

Michael Jolley Burnley - Ball control...

“The mechanics behind technical soccer played on the ground begin with knowing how to strike the ball, and in this session I look in minute detail at how the smallest changes in foot angle, power, backswing and more can produce very different results. Backed by quick, positive and engaging training plans, I factor in everything from ball spin to chipping and lobbing, examining how the world's best players are using the physics of lighter footballs to devastating effect.”

Inspire players to improve their technical ability

How much do you as a coach really know about the technical demands on your Goalkeeper? Have you ever really spent any time improving your players throw-ins or have you worked on the assumption that they will know what to do? In fact, do you even know who in your squad takes the best throws or have you just given the task to your fullbacks?

There is so much technical detail out there that is overlooked. But it is not your fault - how can you possibly be expected to have in-depth technical detail on all of these technical skills? The answer is that no one could have expected you to have it... until now.

The professional coaches featured in Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass have dedicated their careers to making tiny adjustments to improve their players' technique. And now they are giving away their secrets... to you! Can you afford not to know them, especially when your rivals probably do? Be proactive and get ahead - order your copy of Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass today.

Order Technical Masterclass today!

Good technical knowledge cuts out mistakes

Having a sound knowledge of technical football isn’t just about growing into a slick passing force driven to stimulate returns in the final third.

The fact is, over time players become lazy, complacent, and technique fades. Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass helps coaches draw a line under bad habits, refreshing and inspiring each player with the right methods, the best processes and the confidence to reinvigorate his game.

Great technique is as much about cutting out mistakes and reducing wastage as anything else. How many times a season does a crucial slip cost your side? It is the ultimate frustration for many coaches - but there is no reason why it should be yours.

Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass has been specifically designed to cover the key areas of players’ technique as identified by our leading contributing coaches working at professional clubs. Kicking, dribbling, receiving, tackling, heading, diving, catching and player movement are all covered. How many of the sides you play against can honestly say they cover all these areas in their technique work, and in such intense detail? Make sure that you give your team a head-start.

It sounds great, but how much?

These plans may be straight from coaches at top professional clubs but thanks to our partnership with the LMA, we are able to offer them to you at a fantastically affordable price.

Starting at just £27, you can buy Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass in PDF format.

For just £33, you can buy a hard copy of Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass.

Or you can get both - PDF and the hard copy - for just £36.

Think about everything else you spend to put your training sessions on. For just £27 you can make your side has the best technique in its league. That could be worth a lot of points, and even a trophy to you over the course of the season. You're a dedicated coach- don't scrimp here and jeopardise your side's chances in your own World Cup final.

FREE POSTAGE on print copies!

For your convenience you can order Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass in two formats:

A PDF document delivered by email. Save a copy on your computer or tablet and you can take Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass with you wherever you go.

If you're running late for training you can pick an activity or two on your commute home. Don't think you'll make it at all? Simply email the PDF to your assistant or a player's parent and have them take training instead! If you're an iPhone or iPad user you get free access on Apple's Newsstand through the Elite Soccer app. You get access to your activities on Newsstand even if you buy the print copy too!

A user-friendly spiral bound printed manual for your bookshelf or desk. The spiral binding means you can use it without having to hold the page open as with most "normal" books. In addition, Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass has plastic covers on the front and back to protect your copy from the elements.

And best of all, delivery is absolutely free! Alternatively, order both versions for best value. My special offer to get Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass in print and by email is excellent value. You get all the benefits of both versions at a fraction of the cost. Order now to avoid disappointment You won't find Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass in your local bookstore and it can only be ordered from this website. It will be emailed if you order a PDF copy or it will be sent out to you if you order a hard copy.

Yours in football,

James Evans
Editor, Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass

PS – Elite Soccer: Technical Masterclass is not available anywhere else. The sooner you order the sooner you benefit, so why wait! There is no risk and you will get professional fitness advice at the click of a button…

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