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Get 7 ultimate blueprints to learn advanced tactics from the masters

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  • Outthink your opposition using the tactical brilliance behind modern football

  • Master tactical and technical transition into attack

  • Develop great player habits and instil a strong mental approach

  • Discover the forgotten position in every formation and gain an advantage in every attack

  • Explore and master advanced attack principles

  • Create a dominant team by copying proven tactics from the masters

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Get 7 Blueprints to Outthink Your Opposition

Tactical Masterclass will give you 7 critical sessions to unlock football secrets:

Every session is written by a top football expert
Exploit counter-attack opportunities
Defend against counter-attacks. Save yourself from trouble
Discover the forgotten position in all formations
Defend using the 4-4-2 diamond like a pro
Attack using the 4-2-3-1 formation and score more goals
Attack in a 4-4-2 diamond
Regain possession against teams playing through the lines

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What you will get with Elite Soccer: Tactical Masterclass

The 7 plans that you will receive when you purchase Elite Soccer: Tactical Masterclass are:

Exploiting counter-attacking opportunities: Alex Inglethorpe – Liverpool

Alex Inglethorpe

“People sometimes perceive counter-attacking play to be about high tempo, speed-influenced advances into enemy territory, and of course, to a large extent it is.

However, this session aims to prove that the tactical and technical mastering of transitions into attack can produce perfect results even when conducted at less than full pace.

That's because as well as using sprint and pace, good counter-attacking sense can and should also embrace anticipation, flooding of support, disguising of passes or runs and playing precision, and it is only when all these elements are combined that teams can really maximise opportunities.”


Defending from counter-attacks: John McDermott – Tottenham Hotspur

John McDermott

“This is a session broken down into two parts. In its tactical ‘take out’ it explores how to defend against the counter-attack, isolating player movement, approach, technique and philosophy.

But in a bigger sense, this is also a session about player habits and the mental approach we instil in all of our Academy players that, we hope and expect, they will take through into senior development.”


The forgotten position in all formations: Tony Pennock – Hull City

Tony Pennock
“How often do we all discuss formations as 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1 and so on? Always! It’s rare that we ever approach player set-up as 1-4-4-2, 1-4-3-3, 1-3-5-2 etcetera, but surely this extra player – the keeper – warrants a mention, especially as the importance of his ability to distribute accurately in the modern game is paramount to the very creation of any attack that begins from the back.”


Defending using the 4-4-2 diamond: David Adams – Swansea City

David Adams

“At Swansea City we pride ourselves on what we call ‘the Swansea City way’, and this is all wrapped around the notion that our identity is critical in the development of our young players. It’s vital that coaches harness belief, confidence and a ‘no fear’ environment to ensure we develop players who fit into our playing philosophy.

Central to achieving this is to facilitate the player to play attractive football building from the back, constructing play in order to work the ball into attacking situations, being independent decision-makers, and pressing quickly on transitions in advanced areas.”


Attacking principles in a 4-2-3-1 formation: Gareth Prosser – Wolverhampton Wanderers

Gareth Prosser

“At the heart of this session, and our footballing philosophy, there is a strong need to develop players to be both knowledgeable and flexible in their application of the four key moments during matches, namely playing in possession, out of possession, having won the ball back and organising an attack, and finally having lost possession of the ball and organising to defend.

These elements combine to create a flowing and attack-minded practice that challenges and entertains players in equal measure.”


Attacking in a 4-4-2 diamond: Mark Sampson – England women's national soccer team

Mark Sampson

“The objective of this practice is to educate players in the principles of attacking when setting up tactically in a 4-4-2 diamond. Specifically, this means creating different lines of passing for the player in possession, as well as exploring the decisive factors that dictate the choice of pass.”


Regaining possession against teams playing through the lines: Darren Sarll – Stevenage

Darren Sarll

“The purpose of this session is to educate the players on defending in and out of balance, and how to engage and prevent players playing freely between the units and lines. It also looks to master the transition between defence and offence, and vice versa.”

Good tactical knowledge cuts out mistakes

Having a sound knowledge of tactical football isn’t just about growing into a slick passing force driven to stimulate returns in the final third.


The fact is, over time players become lazy, complacent, and they stop playing as a team. Elite Soccer: Tactical Masterclass helps coaches draw a line under bad habits, refreshing and inspiring each player with the right methods, the best processes and the confidence to reinvigorate his game.

Elite Soccer: Tactical Masterclass has been specifically designed to cover the key areas of tactics so your team would attack and defend amazingly well. And the only place you can get Barclays Premier League coaches' sessions is with Elite Soccer.


Why you cannot get sessions from Elite Soccer anywhere else

Elite Soccer is published in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA), the body representing all professional soccer coaches in the English leagues. You cannot get plans from the best tactical coaches in the English leagues anywhere else!


Elite Soccer helps thousands of ambitious coaches across the globe improve their team's performance and now your players can achieve new levels of tactical proficiency with your team using Elite Soccer: Tactical Masterclass.


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