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Dear Football Coach,

No other training tool on the planet can improve your coaching ability and increase your team's success like Elite Soccer.

It is the only e-magazine in which the top managers in the English Premier League share their training sessions. In their own words they describe how you can improve every area of your team's play.

Defensive structure, counter-attacks, corners, wing play and more... all the cutting-edge tactics you need for your team are covered in crystal clear detail in Elite Soccer.

To be the best you must train like the best! Join Elite Soccer today and if you don't win more games, you can get your money-back - we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Soccer Coach Weekly

Elite Soccer is already helping thousands of ambitious coaches across the globe improve their performance and achieve new levels of success with their team.

This groundbreaking e-magazine brings you and your team closer to the professionals – think of it as your golden ticket to the training grounds of the best clubs in the English Premier League.

Soccer Coach Weekly

Elite Soccer is designed to make your coaching life so much easier and allow you to focus more on the players. Imagine – more goals from set-pieces and more clean sheets per season, but that's not all. Elite Soccer will improve your coaching in many different ways:


You will learn loads of coaching tactics and training techniques used by the top teams with Elite Soccer. Over time you will be able to pick which suit the strengths of your team and how to target an opposition team's weaknesses.


If a player ever asks “why are we doing this?” at training you will be able to give them a clear answer and know what you are saying and coaching makes sense and is the best way to coach your players.


Sessions are so easy, it's like having the coach right there showing you what the players need to know and how to get the most out of each drill. Just think of it as having the world's most successful, most experienced coach as your assistant.!


These pro coaches have a lifetime of experience coaching many of the best soccer players in the World. You can be sure their coaching sessions will motivate and inspire your players. These sessions WILL benefit your team.


With Elite Soccer, you will always have a fresh, cutting-edge coaching session of one hour to motivate your players. They can be safely stored on your computer – or handheld Blackberries, iPhones, etc. That means no more scrambling around for old sessions, or trying to bluff your way through. You'll also get access to it through Apple's Newsstand if you have an iPAD or iPhone, so you can take it to the training ground. However you like to coach, Elite Soccer can help!


If you let players know that some of the top soccer stars in the world are training the same way, they will give that little bit more extra effort as they try to emulate their heroes. Not only are the drills exciting, interesting and cutting edge – these are the drills being currently used by many of your players' heroes! Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Paris Saint-Germain will be doing these drills. So getting players to do what you say will be a lot easier.


Getting tactical ideas across to players can be a real struggle, but with Elite Soccer it is all clearly laid out for you to follow. You and your team's understanding will improve. With greater tactical understanding and organisation it is only a matter of time before you will see your team's success rate improve.

Soccer Coach Weekly

So how does Elite Soccer get access to such great coaches and managers?

It's simple really...

Elite Soccer is published in partnership with the League Managers Association (LMA) representing all professional soccer managers in the English leagues. They can give us access to the very best coaches and managers.

Each issue features at least one Premier League manager, other managers will be from the English Championship and leagues 1&2. These pros have a lifetime of experience at getting the most out of players and they will show you how to bring out the best in yours.

The training sessions are written by each manager in person and are laid out exactly as the top teams use them. They will improve and sharpen all areas of your team's performance. You will receive six complete, comprehensive training ground sessions in every monthly issue – covering goalkeeping, defence, midfield and attack in detail.

You can always improve

In this video, Everton manager Roberto Martinez tells you why he uses Elite Soccer in his sessions, and how all coaches should see it as an opportunity to improve their coaching. No matter how much experience you have, Elite Soccer offers a great way to keep your coaching fresh with help from the best.

Roberto also talks you through the thinking behind the session he wrote for Elite Soccer last year. It shows just how much time and effort the top pros invest in thinking about their sessions and how you will be able to apply them to your team.

Some of the top coaches in world soccer are offering to help your team – make sure you take them up on that offer today!

Soccer Coach Weekly

Complete coaching sessions of 1 hour

Each session is a comprehensive session of 1 hour – just like the pros themselves do. Remember, it's not the time spent training that counts... perfect practice makes perfect.

Sessions are challenging but can be easily adapted to the level of your team. Coaches of Under 9 teams have used it successfully. But in truth, these sessions will mostly benefit ambitious coaches of players aged 14+ at academies and clubs.

High definition illustrations

You get crystal clear illustrations that show you where your players need to be and precise instructions written by the manager so you know what to look out for and what to say during each session.

When relevant, the coaches highlight a specific example where the session has achieved a result in a professional game - to help you see the benefit of that session.

Make sure you keep up to date with new ideas

Steve Clarke recommends the drills and exercises in Elite Soccer as a way to inspire even the most experienced professional managers and as a must have for younger coaches. See what he has to say about his own Elite Soccer session and what he thinks of the magazine in the below video.

Soccer Coach Weekly
Elite Soccer issue 29

Now members can access all their issues of Elite Soccer on their iPad or iPhone, through the Elite Soccer Newsstand App.

There is no extra charge for this service so members can have a full library of coaching sessions at their disposal on the training ground.

Session not working as you’d hoped?
No problem, pick another. Too few players turned up? Don’t worry, use a session perfect for smaller numbers.

The Elite Soccer App is a great addition to any coach's toolkit. Join today and access your issues through the App at no additional charge!

Soccer Coach Weekly

If you want to be the best you need to train like the best

That's the central idea behind Elite Soccer. Leading coaches from the English game are lending you their knowledge and experience. In the video below, former Portsmouth, Blackpool and Blackburn boss Michael Appleton tells you how coaches at all levels from grass roots up can use Elite Soccer with their teams.

Michael explains how professional coaches have you in mind when putting their sessions together. And how even those at the top level still want to find out what their peers are doing and borrow ideas from them.

Here's what LMA Chairman Howard Wilkinson has to say about Elite Soccer:

"Elite Soccer is the first time that we have harnessed the collective knowledge of our membership to create such a practical and insightful tool for coaches.

"I am particularly pleased that our members have taken the opportunity to get involved.

"All of the managers appearing in Elite Soccer have taken the time to write their session plan specifically for the magazine in order to give you the most rewarding experience as you recreate their session with your players."

League Managers AssociationHoward Wilkinson
Chairman, League Managers Association

Six professional managers appear in each issue of Elite Soccer.

Written by the best professional coaches around, here's what you'll find inside this month's issue of Elite Soccer:

Elite Soccer Magazine

Subscribing to Elite Soccer today gives you access to:

  • The only coaching e-magazine to offer 12 issues per year
  • Minimum of six sessions per issue
  • Sessions from Barclays Premier League managers
  • Huge selection of tactics and techniques
  • Plans and practices written by the manager himself
  • No observed sessions or recycled content
  • All sessions delivered at professional clubs
  • At-a-glance session overview
  • High definition illustrations
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Tactical and technical explanations
  • Secure payment by credit card or PayPal

Great insights from the top of the game – but how much?

What would you expect to pay for an hour long coaching session with José Mourinho? How much would you pay to learn his match winning secrets? £250? £1,000?

Each issue includes six practical plans from the biggest names in coaching. Issues are delivered to your email inbox so that you can use them straight away. It comes in PDF format (easily accessible on all computers, tablets and mobiles), so you can store and read them on screen or print out as you wish.

You'll also get access to it through Apple's Newsstand if you have an iPAD or iPhone, so you can take it to the training ground. However you like to coach, Elite Soccer can help!

Share the e-magazine with other coaches in your club but please do not make it publicly available or post it on any website.

Soccer Coach Weekly

Elite Soccer offers outstanding value for money – but don't take my word for it! Here are the views of some fellow coaches:

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the drills in Elite Soccer over the past season. With a season lasting nine months, it is vital to come up with fresh ideas to keep the players interested and attendance high - your sessions have allowed me to do this and so we have managed to get ourselves a competitive edge over our opponents this season.

From a coaching point of view it has been very rewarding to see so many of our players reaching their potential through taking part in Elite Soccer sessions and taking these skills onto the pitch on match day.

We have matured in our play and there is a greater awareness of positional play, interplay and a greater all-round understanding of the game in general. Elite Soccer's drills have brought out a better application to training in the players and they have reaped the rewards.

We finished our season as champions and reached the AFA Senior Cup Final as a second division club which is a fine achievement. Our points record was the highest in the history of our club, which as a founder member of the football league is not bad going. Thank you to all at Elite Soccer for playing your part in our success this season."

- Mark Coleman, First Team Coach, Civil Service Football Club

"Elite Soccer has to be one of the best coaching resources available. Access to the current coaching trends at Premier League and League Level is normally something that money can't buy and I genuinely believe that as a customer I get more than excellent value for money. I would strongly recommend Elite Soccer."

- Stevie Baxter, Football Development Officer, Angus Council / Scottish FA

"I joined Elite Soccer because I wanted to see the sorts of sessions that coaches and managers in the professional game use in their own training sessions. I have aspirations myself of making it as a coach so I wanted to see the sort of standard I'd need to obtain. I think Elite Soccer provides a fascinating insight into how professionals within the game manage and run their sessions and for that it is invaluable. I love the fact that it covers all senior leagues and I like that the sessions are varied in each issue."

- Chris Gooch, Scout & Coach, West Bromwich Albion Development Centre

"After thirteen years in football coaching, Elite Soccer offered a refreshing change to my tried and tested drills. This benefited myself and my team as players started to enjoy sessions more. I would not hesitate in recommending Elite Soccer as a coaching advice magazine."

- Anthony Hollamby, Manager, Marden Minors

"As director of coaching for a large club my email box is stuffed with questions from our coaches. Elite Soccer is a great, fast source for ideas I can pass on. I appreciate the size and format of the publication - no fluff, right to the point and valuable information I can take to the training ground."

- Bob Akers, Director of Coaching, Brookside FC

“Last season the team I coach in Cyprus won the U13 championship with a record of 26 victories and no defeats. It was the first time that this has happened. We used many Elite Soccer drills which helped us to play better and create lots of opportunities. I enjoy all of your drills and would like to thank you for providing them.”

- Demetris Miltiadous, Apollon FC Limassol, Cyprus

Soccer Coach Weekly

And remember - the managers in Elite Soccer are all pros. They have made soccer coaching their life's work. Become a member of Elite Soccer you benefit from their experience at a fraction of the time and money required to make it to the top.

If you've ever wondered what top professional soccer managers do to bring out the best in their players, wonder no longer. Elite Soccer gives you everything you need to have a real impact on your players. Join today and soon your team will benefit from your new-found expertise!

Yours in football,

Kevin Barrow

James Evans
Editor, Elite Soccer

P.S. I forgot to say Elite Soccer is only available online on this website and you won't find it in any newsagent or bookstore so make sure that you order now!

Soccer Coach Weekly

“As a regular reader of Elite Soccer, l look forward to receiving every issue.

Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho celebrates winning the 2010 UEFA Champions League: Credit: - Action Images: Jason Cairnduff LivepicI'm delighted to share one of my own sessions with fellow coaches for the first time, exclusively in Elite Soccer

- José Mourinho,
manager, Chelsea

Roberto Martinez
Manager, Everton

Steve Clarke
Former Manager, West Bromwich Albion

Phil Stephenson
Associate Head Coach, Texas A & M

Mark Francis
Head Coach, University of Kansas

Digger Hawkins
Director of Coaching, Gretna Soccer Club & Assistant Soccer Coach, Creighton University

Rob Napier
Coach, Liverpool FC, America

Adam Sayers
Head Coach, East Tennessee State University's Women Soccer

Craig Wallace
Senior Staff Coach, Gulf Coast Texans

Graham Roxburgh
Head Coach, Trinity Western University & Director of Athletes in Action

Jennifer Rockwood
Head Coach, Brigham Young University

Thomas M. De Nigris
Owner and Director, Total Soccer

Joseph Webb
Head Coach, Mountain Brook High School

Bunky Colvin
Head Coach, McIntosh High School

Phil Stephenson
Associate Head Coach, Texas A & M

James Flore
Head Coach, Williamston High School

David Comens
Goalkeeping Coach, Parkway Central High School

Jerry Block
Head Coach, Albion College, Michigan

Matt Brophy
Varsity Boy's Soccer Coach, James F. Byrnes High School

John Chisolm
Director of Coaching, Tupelo FC & Instructor, US Soccer

Mitch Ellisen
Head Coach, University of St. Francis

Thom Jacquet
Head Coach, Greater Atlanta Christian School

Derek Pittman
Associate Head Coach, Gonzaga

Andrew Hammer
Director of Coaching, Bulls Soccer Club

Ken Krieger
Technical Director of Coaching, Prince William Courage

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